Ice maker machine

  • We are a church of 5 language groups, music school, pre-school, after school programs, gymnasium and full kitchen staff. This ice machine is always ready and producing. The added interior blue light feature is a neat added touch. I have no complaints. Ice maker manufacturers, Ice maker machine supplier, Ice maker machine suppliers, flack ice maker
  • In an RV freezer space is a premium. I was hesitant to purchase an ice maker because of the counter space, but I am so glad I purchased this. It is an amazing product. No more ice trays, remembering to purchase ice and then trying to chip away the ice frozen in the fridge to put it into the glass. I had the OXO ice trays, but even those were irritating to deal with. This item is perfect. Keeps the basket full of ice. It doesn't take long to refill. It dumps about every 7 to 10 maker machine, ice maker manufacturers, ice maker machine suppliers, ice maker suppliers