Cold room FAQ

  • I keep it on the LOWEST setting of "1" and everything is frozen solid. There is a lot of room in it too. I highly recommend it. The door action is very well made and stays secure very well when closed. I ditched my large refrigerator and now use this and a small regular refrigerator and i'm saving on electric and keep fresher food in the house. Also, I don't buy things I don't need, I just buy for the week.pu sandwich panel meat cold storage suppliers, blast freezer factory, fruit fluid quick iqf freezer brands, china chiller room manufacturers
  • Not very loud at all. Mine had no dents or marks at all like some previous comments. In a very nice office so ordered stainless steel and looks very sharp not to loud at all yes u can hear it kick on but still quiet. Had plastic over it to protect it and the glass shelves we're wrapped very pleases, easy-maintainable food cold room suppliers, shrimp chiller room factory, customized meat cold room, easy-maintainable chiller room
  • I'm really impressed with this freezer because our power went out for 3 hours and everything in my regular freezer was melting but this one was still just like it was on after 3 hrs. I thought my ice cream bars were goners but nopeļ¼Œcold room suppliers, cold storage factory, cold room brands, cold room factory