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  • I wanted to hold off writing a review on this until I tested it out. It's been going strong for two years, and I'm very pleased with it. It is not frost-free, which I understand is the norm for chest freezers. In the two years I've had it, I've had to scrape a little bit of ice from around the top (a little scraper is included), but I haven't had to do a full defrost yet. Definitely recommend!spiral freezer factory, spiral cooler brands, spiral freezer brands, china spiral freezer manufacturers
  • Freezer is great, only issue is there was a minor dent on one side but not so bad where I feel the need to return. Otherwise it shows nice, I think I like it better in person then on the picture. It got really cold quick, I was able to put frozen acai in there within 20 minutes and keep that frozen. I purchased it to hold that for our martial art studio and it seems to work great!Spiral freezer factory, customized meat spiral quick freezer, tunnel freezer quotation, spiral quick freezer machine
  • the freezer works very well, it got cold very quickly and is so quiet you don't even know it is running and since it is kept in the kitchen this is important to me. The black body and stainless steel front go amazingly well with the decor. It arrived in pristine condition ahead of schedule. All in all I am very pleased with my purchase. Spiral quick freezer for meat manufacturers, spiral quick freezing machine , spiral quick freezer brands, Spiral iqf freezer
  • I just don't like the fact that FedEx wouldn't bring the freezer upstairs to my apartment, as they do with heavy packages. Had to bring it upstairs myself!That being said, the unit itself is fine. There are no dents or scratches on the paint. It reaches a temp of -4 degrees on the coldest setting! The refrigerated shelves do an excellent job of keeping things frozen. I mainly bought it to relieve the fridge freezer's problem of being so overcrowded.Spiral freezer for meat factory, customized spiral quick iqf freezer machine, quality spiral freezer, brand compressor unit for spiral freezer quotation
  • Used this on a 4000 mile, 10 day road trip, plugged into our van's cigarette lighter. Super quiet, kept the food cold. Temperature control isn't labeled as to units/levels on the front of the fridge, so be aware of that when you plug it in. Had enough room to keep a family of 6 stocked for a day and a half of eating on the road.quality double spiral freezer manufacturers, spiral quick freezer factory, customized spiral quick freezer, quality spiral quick freezer machine
  • Well, we have unboxed it, plugged it in, and filled it with food and drink. It works well, things are cold (but remember: this unit does not have a freezer). And it looks great! The outside finish is nice (and has enough steel that all our magnets stick!), and inside, the lighting is very nice and visibility good. Vendor was also very responsive. If anything goes wrong, I will report back, but so far: Super pleased!spiral freezer suppliers, customized spiral quick freezer machine , spiral quick freezer machine brands, china spiral freezer factory