Fluidized bed freezer (IQF) FAQ

  • Wow so much bigger than we thought. Good quality too and holds a lot of stuff. We laughed at the cute little ice tray that came with it. Packaged well with no damage to the freezer. Gets cold in a hurry.Just hope it lasts because we really like it.iqf tunnel freezer manufacturers, customized Fluidized bed freezer for fruit, fruit iqf freezer, China IQF freezer
  • I almost went for a less expensive option, but was really sold on 1) the great feedback for this unit, and 2) concerns about less expensive options being able to reach and maintain freezing temps. Glad I spent a little more and went with the Whynter. Quiet operation, and keeps items in deep freeze like a champ. Great purchase.brand compressor unit for iqf freezer manufacturers, customized IQF freezer, customized iqf tunnel freezer, fluidized quick freezer quotation
  • We've been using this freezer chest for several months now, and a couple of observations:- It works as advertised, with no regrets or concerns- It holds temperature well (measured with a digital thermometer placed inside)- The dial-range adjustment is extreme, so I would recommend one purchases a separate thermometer and place it inside. That will allow you to accurately adjust for your desired temperature.customized french fries iqf freezer, China iqf freezer brands, IQF freezer machine quotation, China fluidized bed freezer
  • This is an adorable little freezer! After I placed the order, what I wandered the most was if, being a small build woman, I'd be able to unbox the purchase all by myself. I was delighted that I was able to with so much ease. My purchase was delivered quickly by UPS and in excellent shape. The packaging was thoughtful and thorough. The manual was also well written - clear and concise. The set up was a breeze. I appreciate Midea for producing such a wonderful product. Thank you!!!customized Fluidized iqf freezer, fluidized iqf freezer quotation, china iqf freezer for fries manufacturers