• FST5000 thawing machine  for meat

FST5000 thawing machine for meat

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Thawing machine principle of operation

 Low temperature thawing program                     

一、Design basis

1. Product type:-18℃【pork,chicken,beef】bulk frozen


3.Thawing method:Frame cart is thawed

4. Volume:5T

5.Thaw time:10~14 h 

二、Thaw principle                                               

The low temperature and high humidity in the circulating air blowing thawed products. The products formed on the surface of uniform airflow, the PLC automatic control during thawing temperature and time to achieve a thaw。

三、Main equipment structure  

1、Thawing room of insulation 【NOTE: Thawing room with no bottom】


        1)Polyurethane insulation board assembly,Intermediate flame retardant polyurethane sandwich heat insulation board;

        2)Material:outer is color  steel.inner is 304stainless steel


        4) Assembling method:Convex concave eccentric hook link.

Door :

1)Manual translation cold storage door;

2)Material:facade for stainless steel plate,Polyurethane foam insulation material,

   polyurethane density 43±2kg/m³;

3)Parts:Stainless steel hard aluminum alloy guide rail, Imported three yuan modified sealant.

2、Internal structure

1.Fan for cold storage dedicated axial fan,Housing and bracket are made of 304 stainless steel.

2.Motor for damp proof and low temperature motor cast aluminum blade. Stainless steel case.

3.Liquid distributor liquid distributor,Ensure the frosting evenly,Air current。 

3.Humidification and heating system

1. Heating way:Steam mode. Through the pipeline to heat conduction into the thawing room,Steam through the pipeline to complete the pressure reduction.

 2.Humidification mode:Italy humidification pump set。Keep the thawing room environment humidity.The circulating air thawing room temperature and humidity blowing evenly through frequency conversion speed.

4.Refrigeration system

1.Refrigeration unit ; 1 sets of copland outdoor condensing units;

2.Refrigeration valve:Danfoss

3.Refrigerant and refrigeration oil:Adopt famous brand

4. The pipeline with freon refrigeration installation requirements of stainless steel pipe and copper pipe,Pipe insulation using casing to ensure uniform,To ensure the thermal insulation effect。

5.Temperature setting range:20℃~-0℃,Evaporation temperature -10℃。Condensing temperature38℃,refrigeration : 8KW。

5. Electric control system

1.SIEMENS PLC microcomputer control;

2. Control procedures used in Germany Fascino Technology;

3. Control mode:Points ABC three models of 7 time periods

4. Control panel:Taiwan 10 inch color touch screen man-machine interface

5. Parameter setting:The sensor takes the center temperature, the surface temperature, the temperature inside the library, the humidity sensing signal of the library as the parameter setting;

6.Electrical components are Schneider brand

7.The wire adopts copper core waterproof cable.    

四、Technical Standard                                               

The main body of thaw is low temperature and high humidity steam,Refrigeration system for auxiliary cooling, and then refrigeration, during the humidification system to control humidity, and the rationality of the parameters of the PLC computer control to achieve reasonable, energy saving.

五、Advantages of making and thawing equipment                             

1、Equipment self advantage

Advanced technique:Using German technology research and development update。Unique wind and air distribution according to the different time period of the thaw, the use of the sub component to send the wind, and more detailed, more uniform, more accurate to send wind circulation, to ensure the best thawing effect.

 Material guarantee:Materials are in line with the requirements of food hygiene 304 stainless steel plate and pipe,this is in order to meet the needs of health and structural strength and service life.

2、Thaw dominance

Thawing technology principle is using the low temperature and high humidity in the circulating air blowing thawed products. The products formed on the surface of uniform airflow, through the PLC automatic segmentation thawing temperature and time control to achieve product thawing. Low temperature, high humidity and thawing equipment not only cost savings, more important is maintained the original product features and surface sensory freshness, fully meet the thaw after market selling fresh.

1.Stage control of thawing process

2.Maintain the original color and flexibility of the product

3.Low water loss, minimal protein loss

4.Quick and uniform products, low energy consumption 

5. Controlled low temperature, inhibiting the growth of microorganisms

6.High use efficiency of unit area

7.Equipment can be used to do cold preservation

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