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Moving Blast Freezer Container 20 feet /40 feet Cold Room for Meat Fish

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China blast freezer

The moving blast freezer /container freezer for foreign sale is designed

with the size of the latest international standard container, whose size is easy for exporting transportation, and the appearance looks beautiful.

with the high density heat insulating it can keep the internal temperature, and at the same time it can increase the internal storage space because of its slight and thin maternal, so the worker can work in the freezer expediently.

The moving blast freezer container has 2 kinds:

One kind is 20ft and the other kind is 40ft,and it is assembled with 30hp 2-stage semi-hermetic compressor unit (30hp low temperature screw compressor unit ) and 75hp low low temperature screw compressor unit .

you can choose the type of moving blast freezer container according to the freezer capacity and origin restriction and other factors

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