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China spiral IQF freezer Better Automatic 1000kg/h spiral freezer for meat or fish

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Spiral freezer Product description
Spiral IQF freezer 1000kg/h  are able to freeze a large number of content at the same time while still maintaining high quality of the product, it's texture, moisture, and flavor throughout the entire freezing process.
Spiral IQF freezer Application:
Spiral IQF freezer is mainly used for food freezing flour, jelly, frozen seafood and frozen prepared foods
Spiral IQF freezer Structure:
Stainless steel conveyor belt; sides is equipped with safety means
PU sandwich plate floor duplex stainless steel plate splicing
Heating means with the door frame
Aluminum evaporator, a variable fin pitch
Axial fan: stainless steel bellows, aluminum blade
Complete drainage of welded stainless steel plate mounted on top of the floor. Many stainless steel will drain through the defrost water out of the enclosure
Drum, inlet means, outlet means and all structural components made of stainless steel
Control panel made of stainless steel
Schneider Electric or Siemens element
We can choose SEW reducer according to customer requirements.
the spiral freezer as spiral cooler be used at the same time.
spiral freezer 1000kg/h Parameters:
Capacity: 1000kg / h
Installed power: 20.2kw
Cooling consumption: 160kw
Belt width: 600mm

spiral freezer 
A rapid spiral freezer unit dumplings

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I wanted to hold off writing a review on this until I tested it out. It's been going strong for two years, and I'm very pleased with it. It is not frost-free, which I understand is the norm for chest freezers. In the two years I've had it, I've had to scrape a little bit of ice from around the top (a little scraper is included), but I haven't had to do a full defrost yet. Definitely recommend!spiral freezer factory, spiral cooler brands, spiral freezer brands, china spiral freezer manufacturers