china Tunnel freezer video for frozen food

  • This freezer is unbelievable! I put a cup of water in it to see how long it would take iit to freeze. I went out for awhile and when I returned it was frozen. I love it. It holds a lot of food. I was surprised at its capacity. I liive in an apt. And the freezer in the refrigerator probably holds the same if not less than my freezer.China tunnel freezer factory, tunnel freezing brands, tunnel freezer brands, tunnel freezer for fish
  • One of the feet on bottom was broken when we received it but we found something that would work. We received the freezer quickly and it gets as cold as -13 so we are pleased with it so far.....but we've only had it a couple of months and won't be running it full time until February. Tunnel freezer machine factory, customized iqf tunnel freezer, tunnel freezer quote, tunnel freezer supplier
  • I purchased this freezer almost three years ago to hold our portion of a pig we had butchered- which was roughly 75lbs worth of assorted cuts of pork. The freezer arrived on time and did not have any dents unlike some of the ones I've seen reviewed. The freezer was the perfect size for the portion of meat we bought and has continued to serve us as regular freezer storage since then. It's sturdy without being too bulky and has survived two moves in the last three years completely unscathed. Tunnel freezer manufacturer, tunnel freezer manufacturers, iqf freezer manufacturers, tunnel freezing manufacturer
  • this 1300kg/h tunnel freezer for freeze fish ,the tunnel freezer adopt italy frascold 160hp screw compressor unit.