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China Thawing Machine better cost-effective Thawing machine supplier for beef defrost

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China thawing machine Tech Summary:
Frozen Meat Products Can Achieve To Be Thawed By Controlling The temperature, Humidity And Working Time Of The Thawing Room. When The Ambient Humidity Reaches About 80% To 95%, A Certain Humidity Increases The temperature Conductive Medium. By Using a Certain Amount Of Cold Air Evaporation Of Frozen Meat  Product Itself,  Water Vapor Pressure Reducing With Atomization Naturally Reduce The Evaporation Temperature And Air Combination. Low Temperature And High Humidity Air Go Through The Cyclic Air Conveying
Duct Of a Special Proof Variable Frequency Blower To Blow And To Formed a Uniform Airflow On The Surface Of The Product Being Thawed. By PLC   Microcomputer Automatic Phase Controlling The Thawing Temperature, Humidity And Time Curve To Achieve To Thaw the Products.

China Thawing machine Equipment Detailed Description:

1Internal Structure

1With Air Support, Water Collection Tray, Wind Deflector Plates, Air Board, Fan

Bracket Panels, Wind Prevent Board, Made Of 304 Stainless Steel;

2Evaporator With Efficient Use Of Surface Oxidized Aluminum Machining Brass,

Stainless Steel Shell;Dispenser Dispensing Evenly To Ensure Frost Uniform, Clear


2.Heated & Humidification System

1Method 1: Water Steam : The Heat Conduction Through The Conduit Into Inner

Thawed Room,And Water Steam Completed By Reduced Pressure And Steam

Atomization Of Double Line.

2Method 2: One Set Italy Humidification Pump. Keep Thawing Room Environment

Humidity. Winds Circulating Blows Evenly Through The Frequency Wind Blows

Between Thawing Temperature And Humidity.

3. Refrigeration System

1Freon Refrigeration Cooling Stainless Steel Pipe And Copper Pipe, Cooling Pipe

Insulation Adopted Sleeves Approach To Ensure Uniform, Seamless And Insulation

Effect;Storage Temperature Setting Range 20 ~ -0 , Evaporation Temperature

-10 . Condensing Temperature 38 .

4. Electrical Control System

1Siemens PLC Microcomputer Control; Germany Fascino Control Program

Technology;Control: Abc Three Modes 7 Period;Control Panel: Taiwan 7-Inch

Color Touch Screen Interface

2Parameter Settings: Transducer Parameter Settings Are According To Temperature Of

Center,Surface And Interior, Inside Humidity Sensor Signal

3Electrical Components Are Schneider Brand;Using Copper Wire Waterproof Cable.

China thawing machine Technical Standard
Technical Standard
1) After Defrosting ,The effects Of Frozen products Keep Balance, No Oxidization And Gray Line. After Defrosting,Muscular Tissue Is Full Luster And Elastic. After Defrosting,The Lost Rate Of Protein Juice Is Less 1%(Raw Meat Should Be Qualified )After Defrosting,The temperature In the Center Could Be Setted At -2±1ºC and Particular Case Is Particular Setting.
2) Defrosting Type Can Be Setted In Several Stages And Control The Process Accurately ,Time Controlled At 10-16h According To The Different Situation.

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This freezer is just what I needed to allow me to buy in larger bulk quantity to save money and be able to cycle stuff into my refrigerator's freezer as needed. It's not huge, but it holds a half dozen loaves of bread, ten bags of vegetables, a couple of pies, and a dozen boxed items (along the lines of frozen meals). It keeps things *very* cold - at max it goes down below 10 F.meat thawing machine suppliers, customized Thawing machine , Thawing machine brands, thawing machine machine quotation