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China IQF Freezer 1500kg/h for berries /Fluidized bed Freezer

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The IQF freezer manufacturer for quick freezing all kinds of fruit & vegetable and some of the seafood
The China IQF freezer is to be moved on a stainless steel mesh belt, the foodstuff layer loosens with the increasing of the airflow
Some of the food stuff particles become floating(this is the reason why this equipment is not applicable to big bulk foodstuff) when the air pressure reaches a certain scale, which brings inter space among the foodstuff particles, that is the way the fluidized bed come into being
The floating particles frozen quickly and individually because they are blowing with strong cool air from all directions

the 1500kg/h China IQF freezer parameters as follow:

frozen product :berries

capacity: 1500kg/h 

cooling capacity: 255kw (±40℃)

refrigerant :R404A/R507A/R717

inter/out temperature: +15/-18℃

inside room temperature:-38±3℃

freeze time :10-50min (adjust)

the spiral freezer body size: 15*4.2*3m

the materials use full stainless steel structure SUS304

the evaporator use large anti-rust aluminum finned tube group, the rest of the 304 stainless steel

the Electric Control Cabinet main use Schneider Electric elements 

the panels use double face stainless steel and  Self-extinguishing Flame Retardant Polyurethane 150mm Thickness

the conveyor belt we could use 1200mm 1300mm etc ,according to clients choice.

welcome to know our company products.

first cold chain is a professional IQF freezer manufacturer  in China ,

we have more than 10 years experience in China IQF freezer filed.

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Wow so much bigger than we thought. Good quality too and holds a lot of stuff. We laughed at the cute little ice tray that came with it. Packaged well with no damage to the freezer. Gets cold in a hurry.Just hope it lasts because we really like it.iqf tunnel freezer manufacturers, customized Fluidized bed freezer for fruit, fruit iqf freezer, China IQF freezer