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China ice maker high quality 500kg/day ice maker machine for seafood

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China high quality ice maker supplier provide 500kg/24h  small ice maker machine  suitable for food processing factory and supermarkets ,mainly used for the preservation of vegetables and seafood .

the China ice maker quality is stable.  

china ice maker Parameters:
Ice output:500kg/24h
Ice bin capacity:300kg
Compressor:Denmark Daofoss
Ice machine size:1310*890*780mm
Ice bin size:1320*1180*110mm
Installation space:1320*1180*1880mm
Standard power supply:3P/380V 50HZ
Total power:2.62 KW
Refrigerating capacity:3 KW
Cooling style:Air cooling
Ice storage room is optional according to customers' request with extra price.
Standard cooling type:Air cooling

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