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5T/day ice maker machine  suitable for food processing factory and supermarkets ,mainly used for the preservation of vegetables and seafood .

the ice maker machine quality is stable. 

China Ice maker machine 5T/day Parameters:
Ice capacity :5T/day
Compressor:Germany Bitzer
Ice machine size:1750*1550*1600mm
Standard power supply:3P/380V 50HZ
Total power:23.12 KW
Refrigerating capacity:30 KW
Cooling type:Water cooling or air cooling ,according client requirement.
Ice storage room is optional according to customers' request with extra price.
Standard cooling type:water cooling(Equipped with water tower);Other brand compressor is available for choice with different price:Taiwan Hanbell/Fusheng screw compressor(more economical);Germany Blogs piston compressor 

First cold chain is a professional China ice maker supplier, we have more than 10 years experience in China ice maker filed 

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We are a church of 5 language groups, music school, pre-school, after school programs, gymnasium and full kitchen staff. This ice machine is always ready and producing. The added interior blue light feature is a neat added touch. I have no complaints. Ice maker manufacturers, Ice maker machine supplier, Ice maker machine suppliers, flack ice maker