Fluidized bed freezer (IQF) FAQ

The fluidized bed freezer/ fluidized IQF freezer principle

Fluidized bed freezer /  Fluidized IQF freezer  is simply the role of solid particles by the air flow.

the movement of its shape into a similar fluid state, and in the course of the movement was quickly frozen,

As a result of strong cold air flow and food particles full of each other,

the heat transfer in food quickly, greatly improving the heat transfer efficiency.

At the same time the air flow will also be fully blown food, and get a  Individually Quick Freeze effect.

The fluidized IQF freezer Main application 

The fluidized IQF freezer is the best choice for grain, slice, nubby fruit, vegetable’s quick individually freeze ,

Fluidized IQF freezer can also be applied to seafood, such as scallops, shrimp, fillets and other continuous rapid freezing.

Fluidized IQF freezer Main form

One-section fluidized IQF freezer quick freezing is especially suitable for vegetable and  fruit quick frozen .

Two-section fluidized bed freezer /quick freezing In the best conditions to freeze a variety of food, food without damage, food is not sticky.

Fluidized IQF Freezer Main feature

 1.The fluidized bed freezer/ fluidized IQF freezer  uses two conveyor belts to transport food. This structure is characterized by the food is divided into two sections of the freeze, the first section for the surface frozen area, the second section of the deep frozen area; granular food into the freezing room, the first rapid cooling, the surface cooling to freezing point temperature , then into the second section,  in the ideal fluid bed under the deep freeze.

2. Two sections of the belt with speed, to adapt to a variety of food freeze needs.

3. Two speed belt: in the best conditions to freeze a variety of food, food without damage, food is not sticky.

4. Centrifugal fan: The system uses high-pressure centrifugal fan, a large static pressure within the scope of the corresponding wind, to ensure the formation of fluid bed, while extending the frost interval.

5. The device frame using  stainless steel, each fan pressure box separate to ensure that low load, even if there are individual fans to stop running, it will not affect the normal operation of other fans.

6. The PU use 150mm, double-sided stainless steel plate, insulation effect is remarkable, beautiful appearance.

7. Conveyor mesh belt with stainless steel conveyor belt, all with food contact parts are stainless steel, to ensure food hygiene requirements.

8.Electronic control system: a separate control panel can be independent of the electrical start and control network transmission speed operation.

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