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China professional spiral freezer supplier provide FSL500 spiral freezer 500kg/h for fish

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Spiral freezer 500kg/h in China ,the spiral freezer suitable for some small food processing factory,

this  type spiral freezer higher degree automation ,take up smaller area.

This type spiral freezer capacity is 500kg/h , it suitable for all kind of meat and seafood .

The China spiral freezer has a high degree of automation. small area ,save space and the quality stable.

the spiral freezer can be used as spiral cooler 

The 500kg/h China spiral freezer parameters as follow:

Frozen product :fish 

Capacity: 500kg/h 

cooling capacity: 85kw (±40℃)

refrigerant :R404A/R507A/R717

inter/out temperature: +15/-18℃

inside room temperature:-38±3℃

freeze time :10-50min (adjust)

the China spiral freezer body size: 6.8*5*3m

the materials use full stainless steel structure SUS304

the evaporator use large anti-rust aluminum finned tube group, the rest of the 304 stainless steel

the Electric Control Cabinet use Schneider Electric 

the panels use double face stainless steel and  Self-extinguishing Flame Retardant Polyurethane 150mm Thickness

the conveyor belt we could use 300mm ,450mm,600mm,650mm,710mm etc ,according to clients choice.

welcome to know our company products.

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