China Spiral freezer/spiral cooler

spiral freezer is a kind of more intelligent and automatic China spiral freezer machine.

China spiral freezer is more suitable for products with large output and high degree of automatic. at the same time ,can be used as spiral cooler.

China spiral freezer capacity from 200kg/h to 5000kg/h .

Non-standard customization of products can be made according to customer requirements.

China spiral freezer Structural characteristics

1. Design the technical structure according to the characteristics of frozen products;

Equipped with dual-hub independent drive frequency conversion speed regulation device, anti-turnover device, automatic turn back recovery device, automatic failure alarm device, automatic manual emergency stop device; synchronization compensation device;

Set maintenance channel, evaporator water defrost device, net belt cleaning device; quick-freezing room is clean, safe, reliable and energy-saving

There is an integrated welded stainless steel water pan and a drainage tank, which meets the food safety and health HACCP and food export certification standards;

Optimized airflow organization in the zone to guide the wind, the wind speed field and temperature field are uniform and stable, and the freezing temperature is uniform; the inlet and outlet are designed for the return air passing part, with a stainless steel windshield device, and the inlet and outlet adjustable stainless steel windshield insulation device, to prevent the two kinds of internal and external differences. The difference in air pressure in the temperature zone results in the loss of cold air heat exchange heat;

The spiral IQF freezer frame structure, bracket, support, platform, air duct plate, mesh belt, guide rail skeleton, machine parts, components, etc. in the freezer zone are made of food-grade SUS304 stainless steel (except standard parts and special parts such as reducers and motors).

Reasonable airflow organization guides the wind in the zone, the wind speed field and temperature field are uniform and stable, and the freezing temperature is uniform;

The spiral IQF freezer  inlet and outlet parts are designed as return air passing parts, with stainless steel windshield devices, heat insulation devices for the inlet and outlet bars, and adjustable stainless steel windshield insulation devices for the inlet and outlet to prevent the difference in air pressure inside and outside the two different temperature regions leading to cold and heat exchange of airflow. Lost.

Ultra-thick polyurethane insulation board; 0.8mm ultra-thick 304 stainless steel anti-collision outer plate;

The spiral IQF freezer  inspection door adopts SUS304 double-sided stainless steel self-extinguishing flame-retardant hard polyurethane insulation board, equipped with safety electric heating device, low temperature resistance, aging resistance and oil resistance double rubber strip, which can be opened inside. The safety warning sign meets the requirements of GB2894 and the operation is safe.

The spiral IQF freezer large-area high-efficiency dedicated evaporator reduces the difference between the evaporation temperature and the temperature in the quick-freezing room, and the defrost lags.

The defrost is drained separately and separated from the washing water to facilitate the reuse of the defrost water.

First cold chain is a professional spiral IQF freezer supplier in China ,according to client requirements  the spiral IQF freezer can be used as spiral cooler .

The first cold chain has more than 10 years experience  in spiral IQF freezer and spiral cooler filed.

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