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China cold room factory provide professional cold room

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This cold room use full stainless steel Panels ,with well-know brand compressor ,for all kinds of product keep fresh and keep frozen.

the cold room temperature :could ±5℃ ,-18 ℃ and -25℃ even lower temperature.

we could according to clients requirement to non-standard design .

generally we adopt well-know brand compressor unit for cold room .

First cold chain is professional cold room supplier in China.

we have more than 10 years experience in China cold room filed 

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I'm really impressed with this freezer because our power went out for 3 hours and everything in my regular freezer was melting but this one was still just like it was on after 3 hrs. I thought my ice cream bars were goners but nope,cold room suppliers, cold storage factory, cold room brands, cold room factory