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What Features to Look For in an Air Blast Freezer

  • Tuesday, 13 October 2020
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What Features to Look For in an Air Blast Freezer

Air blast freezers typically aren't readily available in stock units as standard models. They usually need to be customized to meet individual needs. This article is intended to assist the cutomers in identifying what specific information is necessary, and provides what information should provide to assist the consumers to make an informed decision from what is on offer.

The first thing that a customer needs to do is determine if he actually needs an air blast freezer. If a consumer has just purchased a freezer and is just considering upgrading to a freezer that has high blast rates, but that's the one that he'll ultimately have to buy, then the air blast freezer may not be required. However, if the consumer is seriously considering purchasing a new freezer with high blast rates, then he needs to find out the best choices.

After this is determined, a freezer needs to determine what types of shelves are best for its needs. It is best to purchase a freezer with at least two shelf models - one for storing canned goods, another for freezing frozen foods. Some companies even provide a three-shelf model for their customers. However, the three-shelf model may require at least one extra shelf unit.

Next, the freezer has to decide whether or not to include one or two doors. Some freezers only have one door, while others have both a door and a freezer. The freezers that do include both doors usually offer more space inside than those that only have one door. Some freezers offer double doors. However, some people prefer the single door freezers because they can open each door to the freezer without having to pull them down and remove the contents from the freezer. Others prefer to open both doors and store the contents in the freezer at once.

Lastly, the air blast freezer has to decide whether or not it will feature a built-in defrost timer. Some freezers include defrost timers built into their doors, but many others are sold without a defrost timer built into the door itself. Some models have a built-in defrost timer, while other models only have a manual defrost option built into the freezer itself. Some of the more expensive models come with built-in defrost options as well.

Air blast freezers often have features that make them appealing to consumers such as built-in microwave ovens, an automatic defrost control, built-in convection oven, self-cleaning fans, automatic food sealer, and many other features. A freezer with all these features can be very efficient at storing food and preventing spoilage, and freezer burn-out of foods stored in it.

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