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The IQF Blast Freezer Review

The IQF Blast Freezer Review

  • Friday, 04 December 2020
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iqf blast freezer

The IQF Blast Freezer Review

The IQF Blast Freezer from Intermetro is one of the latest energy efficient appliances available in the market.iqf blast freezer It has been rated as the most energy-efficient refrigerators in the market and it is capable of storing more than seven thousand items including three hundred and thirty-three brands. This refrigerator offers customers with a very good quality product at a very competitive price. This appliance can be obtained at an affordable rate and is recommended by many customers. The appliance is suitable for all kinds of businesses and home use.

This refrigerator from Intermetro is a high tech, state of the art, energy efficient appliance. It has been developed keeping in mind the requirements and preferences of customers who are looking for energy-efficient refrigerators. When you purchase this brand, you will definitely be provided with a free glass door refrigerator, which comes with a built in iqf tunnel freezer. This product has both high tech features and great quality. It comes with a ninety day warranty and is provided with a remote control lock.

The interior of this brand of freezers has been designed in such a way that it provides maximum space to keep your food items frozen. It also offers a high quality of storage, which makes it a preferred product from this supplier. It has a freezer drawer which can be locked when not in use. The refrigerator is provided with three compartments namely: refrigerated compartment, lower freezer and upper freezer. One can store one's groceries and other perishable items in the refrigerator, which will help you save money on your monthly grocery bills.

The refrigerator contains a nine inch stainless steel bowl with three compartments. It can be placed on top of the hood of the cabinet, which makes it a very attractive addition to any kitchen. You will be able to store all your frozen food items in one set of shelves. The product comes with a manual and an electronic crisper. The electronic crisper helps in food quick freezing and thawing.

The IQF Blast features refrigeration components that are made from materials like stainless steel, boron and aluminum. A metallic cavity known as an as is present in all these components, which helps in preventing decay. The asme contains oxygen, which is beneficial for prolonging the life span of the appliances. The IQF Blast freezer also features a built in sensor that monitors the temperature of the refrigerant. It measures the amount of refrigerant present in the compressor thereby enabling the door locks to work properly.

The IQF Blast freezer also features auto shut off facility which helps to automatically shut off the door when the ammonia reaches its low point. The product also features a temperature sensing thermostat which monitors the indoor and outdoor temperatures. It displays a message informing the user that the refrigerator is about to reach the required temperature. The freezer has an adjustable thermostat control that allows the user to set the required indoor and outdoor temperatures. It has been found that the freezer performed satisfactorily throughout the test period.

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