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Spiral Freezer Systems

Spiral Freezer Systems

  • Monday, 31 May 2021
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Spiral IQF Freezer Systems

The China spiral IQF freezer is a unique type of small device with wide application spectrum, low footprint, high cooling power, and fast freezing capability.spiral iqf freezer It has an integrated motor assembly, which helps to provide the user with a warm and uniform distribution of the heat energy within the container or box. This efficient mechanism provides a speed of up to 120 rpm and allows for easy retrieval of finished products. This particular appliance is not only used in the traditional dairy section of the market but also finds use in meat and fish preparation as well.

For proper food processing and storage requirements in today's modern food business, the China spiral iqf freezer is an answer.spiral iqf freezer The array of features offered by this appliance makes it highly efficient and economical in its day-to-day operation. With such an effective and cost-efficient freezer, you can easily meet the storage requirements of various types of food products with minimal costs and time. Apart from food processing, this device can also be used in the drying, packaging and preservation industry.

The China spiral iqf freezer comes in a variety of sizes, color schemes, styles, and applications. For example, there are models available in stainless steel, clear, or in black. In addition to providing efficient food freezing, this product can also be used for a wide variety of food processing. The stainless steel conveyor belt model is one such model, which is capable of rotating and positioning products on the conveyor. The food processing equipment is usually incorporated with a chute, which can be raised or lowered as per the requirement for different food items.

Spiral freezers are made from various materials including stainless steel, ceramic, enamel, aluminum, plastic, and stainless steel alloys. The tip section of the freezers has the capability of holding approximately twenty-four gallons of water or liquid. Depending on the type and size of the freezer, the water can either be stored in the revolving bowl, a cylindrical body of the freezer or even on the lid, which is detachable. A unique feature that makes these types of freezers stand apart from other models is the presence of dual control switches, which enables users to regulate the levels of freezing water within the unit. The revolving bowl and the lid can be controlled using a knob while the water level can be regulated using a remote control.

spiral tunnel freezers are another type of innovative freezers that have the potential to save valuable food resources for the food industry. These units are capable of securely storing twenty-four gallons of liquid and can be placed in a wall-mounted position. Another unique feature of this type of freezer is that it is capable of simultaneously freezing both the water and the food. This is done through the use of a liquid tunnel, which forms an air tight seal against the internal walls of the refrigerator.

There are several types of spiral freezer systems that are available for the food processing industry. These types of refrigerators can be found at different prices depending on the specifications they have. While there are various manufacturers and distributors of these types of freezers, you can buy yours from online stores at affordable prices. There are websites that specialize in selling such refrigerators and you can visit their web sites to request information about the different models they have. You can also make a purchase directly from a local distributor if you cannot find what you are looking for online.

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