China IQF freezer / fluidized bed freezer

Fluidized bed freezer /Fluidized IQF freezer usually used to freeze vegetables and fruits and some of the seafood.

this kind of fluidized IQF freezer  adopts bottom blowing mode and high efficiency centrifugal fan to ensure the individually freezing of the products 

according to the different frozen products, we can produce a section type fluidized  bed freezer and a two-section  type fluidized  bed freezer 

to ensure the freezing efficiency of the product and the non-adhesion between each product.

China first cold chain company as China IQF freezer supplier provide professional  fluidized bed freezer and fluidized  IQF freezer 

First cold chain has more than 10 years experience in fluidized  IQF freezer filed 

 welcome to know our company's fluidized IQF freezer 

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