China Spiral freezer FAQ

The China spiral freezer is a kind of compact machine with wide application range, small footprint, fast freezing equipment and strong freezing capacity.

China spiral freezer is suitable for use in frozen foods by domestic and foreign food processing enterprises.

China spiral freezer Scope of application: preparation of food, seafood, ice cream, noodles, meat and poultry division, aquatic products, fried foods, small packaged foods, etc.

The first cold chain company's spiral IQF freezer is a typical energy-saving, fast-freezer equipment with compact structure, strong adaptability, small footprint and large refrigeration capacity, and is the main choice for food processing enterprises. High temperature foods worldwide

Spiral IQF freezer Applications: Frozen foods, ice cream, pastries, meat and poultry, seafood, fried foods, small packaged frozen foods

Spiral IQF Freezer Structural component:

The spiral freezer is mainly composed of transmission part, evaporator, PU and electrical equipment.

The transmission part consists of a drive motor, a mesh belt, a drum and a separate frequency converter.

The evaporator consists of stainless steel and aluminum fins with variable plate spacing to ensure smooth air circulation. The evaporator tubes can be aluminum tubes, copper tubes and stainless steel tubes.

PU made of stainless steel + polyurethane insulation

The electrical system consists of a stainless steel box, well-known electrical components and PLC

Spiral IQF freezer Feature:

1. High freezing capacity and higher automation;

2. Compact structure, saving floor space;

3, transmission mesh belt, has strong resistance to elongation and high wear resistance, thereby improving the service life and stability of the equipment;

4. The equipment is equipped with a network belt running self-test device, which can monitor the network running status at any time and eliminate unnecessary losses caused by the belt belt operation.

5. Equipped with external transmission system, the equipment is reliable, energy-saving, easy to maintain, and meets HACCP requirements.

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